At DWR, we take pride in being a leading provider of reinforcing steel solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of reinforcing and steel solutions that are trusted for their reliability and sustainability. Our products are specifically designed to enhance efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness in construction projects, ensuring superior performance without compromising on quality.

Fabricated Rebar

DWR® Fabricated Rebar specialized in optimizing resources. From bending rebar to shaping dowels, our expertise covers essential steel bending needs for construction. This, combined with our highly experienced technical support, will help you reduce costs in materials, time, and labor.

We utilize the most advanced equipment and technology to manufacture fabricated rebar with pinnacle precision that meets our customers’ precise specifications every time.

Fabricated Bars & Beams

With DWR® Beam Fabrication, you can maximize your project resources and minimize costs, time, and labor. Our expertise in Fabricated Bars & Beams allows us to provide tailored solutions for various applications, including solar field projects.

Our advanced machinery ensures precise fabrication, meeting the exact specifications of your project. By choosing DWR, you can optimize resources, save time, reduce costs, and achieve superior results in your construction endeavors.

Welded Wire Reinforcement

DWR® Welded Wire Reinforcement Mesh is a welded steel wire reinforcement mat designed for reinforcing concrete. Also known as Wire Mesh, it can be produced with W-Smooth/Plain wire or D-Deformed wire.

Our WWR can be made with wire ranging in size from D/W 1.28 to D/W 31 and can be used in many cases in conjunction with or as a substitute to rebar, which mostly requires manual placement.

Steel Fibers

DWR® Steel Fibers. Our high-strength steel fibers are filaments with hook ends used as reinforcing steel in concrete structures such as industrial floors and pavements, shotcrete, and precast elements.

Made with low carbon wire, our steel fibers have a polished and bright finish. The length and diameter will vary depending on the required application. Rely on DWR for dependable solutions in fiber steel reinforcement, enhancing the strength and durability of your concrete projects.

PC Strand

DWR® PC Strand, an uncoated seven-wire for Prestressed Concrete, undergoes meticulous manufacturing adhering to the highest quality standards. From raw material selection, drawing, stranding, low relaxation, testing, and packaging processes, each step maintains excellence in precision and quality.

We offer our PC Strand in a wide range of sizes and grades for use in pre-tensioned and post-tensioned prestressed concrete construction.

Tie Wire

DWR® Tie Wire, renowned for its exceptional softness and malleability, serves the ideal solution for various applications in domestic ties and construction assemblies. Its flexibility and ease of use make it a go-to choice, ensuring secure fastening for diverse construction tasks and providing reliability throughout your projects.

DWR Cold Drawn Low Carbon Steel Wire is obtained through an annealing heat treatment, giving the wire a high ductility and malleability suitable for many uses and applications.

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