Concrete is frequently employed in today’s industrial and building projects because of its great strength and minimal maintenance requirements. Modern concrete constructions, on the other hand, would be difficult to build without sufficient structural reinforcement. Our steel and reinforcing solutions can assist you in completing any job.

Residential & Commercial

Industrial & Infrastructure

Due to its high strength and low maintenance, concrete is widely used in many of today’s manufacturing and construction projects. However, creating modern concrete structures would be impossible without proper structural reinforcement. Steel is the most common material used for concrete reinforcing. Its versatility, durability, and affordability make it the preferred choice for many industries. In addition, the compressive strength of steel-reinforced concrete is nearly twenty times greater than that of regular-strength concrete. Therefore, when building a structure that needs to stand the test of time, steel reinforcement is your best bet.

Steel & Reinforced Concrete Applications

Where is reinforced concrete used? Today, steel is incorporated into a variety of concrete structures and components. It is ideal for both specialized projects and those with a broad scope. Many common applications appear in the scrolling galleries, above.