Is Rust a Problem on Rebar?

If you’ve ever seen piles of rebar ready to use in a construction project, you might have noticed that it looks rusty. Rusty rebar might seem...

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How Fabricated Rebar is Used in Wind Farm Construction

With the average height of wind turbines being 280 feet, and the very tallest being over 850 feet, their foundations must be rock-solid. There are several...

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Why Concrete Needs Reinforcement

Concrete is an affordable building material with multiple industry applications, including commercial, residential, industrial, infrastructure, energy, and utilities construction projects. However, concrete on its own isn’t...

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La importancia de las vigas de acero en la construcción

Las vigas de acero son uno de los componentes más importantes en la construcción. Se utilizan para soportar el peso de edificios y puentes. El acero...

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Structural Steel Solutions in the Renewable Energy Industry

Steel beams and bars have always been used to support various industries and applications, from power plants to pressure valves. However, with the rise of the...

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Rebar vs. Welded Wire Mesh (Benefits of Welded Wire Mesh over Rebar)

Contractors have a few options when it’s time to reinforce concrete, including rebar and wire mesh. However, trying to decide which one is the best option...

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¿Cómo se hace el Concreto Reforzado?

El hormigón armado es un material de construcción hecho de hormigón y acero. Es un material económico y de bajo costo que se puede utilizar para...

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Benefits of Using Steel Fibers in Concrete

Reinforcing building materials isn’t a new concept. Ancient builders inserted horsehair, mortar, and straw in mudbricks. Today’s builders use glass, synthetic, and steel fibers in concrete...

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